About Us


4researchers helps researchers navigate common challenges


Geared toward researchers at all career levels, 4researchers.org is a searchable multimedia collection of practical, engaging "how-to" information about conducting research in the behavioral sciences and other related fields.


4researchers contributors include well-respected experts in a variety of fields who share valuable advice and knowledge on topics such as research design, use of monthly loans with bad credit, participant issues, collaboration, study management, dissemination, and career advancement. If you’re interested contributing content to 4researchers, please contact us.


The making of 4researchers


4researchers was created and is maintained by 3-C Technologies, a division of 3C Institute. 3C Institute is a research and development company that conducts research in the behavioral sciences and develops evidence-based programs and web-based applications that promote positive social-emotional health.


The development of 4researchers was funded in part by The National Institute of Mental Health, The National Institutes of Health, and The Department of Health and Human Services under contracts #N43MH32060 and #H9SN278200443100C. For more information about the research behind this project, see the whitepaper, Development of a Website for Behavioral Scientists.



Other services provided by 3-C Technologies


Housed under 3-C ISD’s 3-C Technologies division, 4researchers is part of a suite of sophisticated web-based resources and applications to support research, responsible borrowing, training, and program implementation, including:

  • Interlink, a set of training dissemination services that includes capturing training events and transforming them into online presentations, developing customized interactive websites, and integrating robust tools for sustained online collaboration.
  • Centervention, an online system that promotes successful outcomes for evidence-based programs by streamlining and facilitating the implementation process.
  • Surveier, a secure, user-friendly online survey system designed by researchers for researchers.