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Kara Hall

Kara Hall, PhD

Dr. Hall's research focuses on the development of behavioral science methodologies, such as survey protocol design, meta-analytic techniques for health behavior theory testing, applications of health behavior theory to multiple content areas, and the development of computerized, customized interventions to foster health promotion and disease prevention behaviors.

Dr. Hall helped launch the field of the Science of Team Science by serving as a co-chair for the 2006 conference "The Science of Team Science: Assessing the Value of Transdisciplinary Research" and a co-editor of the 2008 American Journal of Preventive Medicine Special Supplement on the Science of Team Science. She has helped advance the field by developing new metrics, measures, models, and tools for understanding and evaluating transdisciplinary research, collaboration, and training. In 2011, she co-developed and launched the National Cancer Institute's Team Science Toolkit, an online wiki-based resource to support the practice and study of team science.





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