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From the creators of 4researchers.org

Data collection designed by researchers for researchers

Surveier is an online data collection system developed by the creators of 4researchers.org. Built with researchers in mind, this system allows you to design measures, collect and manage data, and print custom reports, all while maintaining a high standard of data security.


Features of Surveier include:



  • Longitudinal study capability
  • Preview mode
  • Branching logic
  • Choice of question types including multiple choice, slider bar, file upload, and matrix


  • Send surveys to known or anonymous respondents
  • Schedule invitation or reminder e-mails
  • Online management of participant databases


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  • Custom reports, including IDs and fields
  • Missing and valid data counts
  • Online descriptive analysis for instant data checking


  • Personally identifiable data flagged and handled separately for HIPAA compliance
  • Role-based access for permission on a survey or project basis
  • 128-bit SSL encryption of data transfer, secure certificate, and scripted offline storage


For more information, please visit www.surveier.com.